"If You Are Looking For A Long-Term Weight Loss Solution...
Your search is OVER!  In just 28 days, we'll get you body-shaping results that you've NEVER seen before...and teach you how to keep those results FOR LIFE!"

REAL Nutrition for REAL People!
This nutrition kickstart is the fastest way to lose weight, drop dress or pants sizes, transform your body, and look and feel better than you have in years...in just 28 days!

We hear it from so many of our clients...hard-working, motivated, intelligent people that have thrown their hands up in frustration because they:

  • Have Gained weight...and don't know how to lose it
  • Have Lost Weight Before...but found themselves unable to keep it off
  • Try To Eat Healthier...but just don't have the time to figure it all out
  • Look At Themselves In The Mirror...and wonder in despair, "How did I get here?"
They feel alone, unhappy, and don't know where to start...sound familiar?

Have YOU experienced anything like this? 

You’ve tried counting calories...but ended up just getting confused and frustrated.

You've tried the diet that made you buy "their" shakes or products...but couldn't keep it up because it was expensive and nobody else in the family would eat the "diet food".

You’ve tried joining other group programs that may have worked at first, but lacked the support, motivation, and community you needed to stay on track.

Or the programs lacked a focus on eating real food and proper nutrition, which led you to stronger cravings for sugar and everything else that keeps us in that downward spiral of putting on extra pounds.

I can assure you...it's NOT your fault!

Our daily lives are like a minefield when it comes to shedding pounds and maintaining a healthy weight. Not enough time to prep healthy food; not enough energy to think about it and temptation for sugar and processed foods everywhere we look! 

This does NOT need to be YOUR reality!

Let me paint you a very different picture of your future...

Imagine how would you feel if:

  • You knew the REAL way to lose weight permanently, with all of the guesswork taken out!
  • You felt inspired and motivated to be healthy, finally feeling in complete control of your destiny rather than whipped around by constant cravings!
  • You had the support, accountability, and positive energy of like-minded people to fuel you to reach for more than you'd thought possible!
  • You created new, healthy habits that keep you looking and feeling better than you have in years!

And did we mention...

The Average Participant in this Program Loses 8-10lbs in Just 28 Days?

We are the experts when it comes to getting the lean, healthy body you want and deserve.

Empowered Fitness has inspired change and positive growth in hundreds of people just like you!   We are known for our strong, supportive community and for helping our clients achieve the RESULTS they want and deserve.  In fact, it is not uncommon for us to see participants lose OVER 2000lbs collectively in a single GetLean Challenge!

Just look at the results Michelle saw with us:

Michelle Sanchez - Lost 18lbs

"Doing the GLC challenge and the Best Body Program was a birthday gift to me. I spoke to Diana a few days before the challenge was to start. She was encouraging and supportive in my wanting to make a lifestyle change. So I said, "I'm all in!" with both programs.
Here I am, turning 50, 18lbs lost, and feeling better than I have in years. Thank you Diana & Mike for creating such an amazing community. Thank you to the trainers who are so awesome and supportive. 
Thank you to all the GLC participants for your encouragement and advice, and thank you to all the Empowered Fitness community for being there for me and for each other! 
I've just started and I'm going to "keep on, keeping on" with Empowered Fitness!"

The GetLean Challenge is a simple, done-for-you program that will:

  • Give you the confidence to resist addictive foods - You'll learn simple but effective strategies that will give you the strength to resist even the most addictive junk foods!
  • Establish satisfying new eating habits -  You'll be amazed by the tasty, nutritious recipes that are part of the program and take all the guesswork out of meal preparation!
  • Support you every step of the way - You are not alone!  You'll be supported by our excellent nutrition coaches to end the addictive relationship with food.

You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in 28 days...just look at the results Jim enjoyed:

Jim Kelly - Lost 20lbs in 28 days

"Finally!! I finally lost those 20 extra pounds that I've been carrying around for the last 15 years. And it only took 28 days! And I've easily kept it off. It was simple to follow. It was fun to do it as a group. Quite honestly, it changed my life.  If you want to lose weight, this is the most effective program I've ever used. I am so glad I did it!"

Join us for the GetLean Challenge and you will receive:

  • Your personalized GetLean binder and instructions, customized to YOUR body!
  • Weekly check-ins and accountability!
  • One free Empowered Fitness class per week!
  • Weekly hikes and other special events!
  • Private Facebook page for additional support & community
***Participate Remotely***
Would you or someone you know LOVE to take advantage of this incredible program but you don't live in the area?  Well, you are in LUCK!!  

We now have an option for remote participants to take part in the GetLean Challenge!  Here is how it will work:
Program:  The nutrition program is EXACTLY the same for remote participants as for in-person participants.  And you can expect the same great results with an average weight loss of 8-10 pounds in 28 days!

Personal Nutrition Coach:  Instead of the perks of having live classes and hikes, each Remote participant will be assigned their own Personal Nutrition Coach.
So family and friends who have only been able to HEAR about the GLC can now experience it for themselves!
***Limited Availability***
Please Note!  We can only take 10 remote participants so don't wait to register if you want to participate remotely!

There are a limited number of spaces available in our GetLean Challenge.  So don't delay and reserve your spot today before they are all taken!

Plus, we have taken the program to the next level by including these bonuses!

Sign up for the GetLean Challenge and you will receive these bonuses:

  • NEW!  We'll shed light on underlying behaviors that sabotage our efforts
  • NEW!  Vital resources for busy people on-the-go
  • NEW!  Quick 5-minute meal ideas!
  • NEW!  Eating-out guide to let you enjoy guilt-free nights out!
Did We Mention That We're Giving Away Over $1800 In Prizes?

That's right...this program is also a CONTEST!  We will be giving away AWESOME prizes for the challengers who lose the most weight during the program.  That includes a Grand Prize of over $795 in Free Training!

Some people find that this competitive aspect really fires them up even more...but you don't HAVE to focus on the contest.  The results you see through the GetLean Challenge will be MORE than enough motivation for you!

You get all of these benefits and bonuses for only $259!*

* $259 is our Early Bird Price!  Price goes up to $279 on Jan. 14th!

Last Day to Register is January 26th, 2018

But don't delay!  Our programs fill up fast, so act now to secure your spot!  Don't miss out on this opportunity to change your body and change your life, all in just 28 days

Click on the Register Now button below.

P.S.  The GetLean Challenge has been proven to shed pounds and build lean muscle for every client we have worked with (that's over 500 people and counting!).  You will ALSO see those same results!  Don't miss out....register TODAY!!

The GetLean Challenge Starts In...
February 2nd, 2018
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