"If You Are Looking For A Long-Term Weight Loss Solution...
Your search is OVER!  In just 28 days, we'll get you body-shaping results that you've NEVER seen before...and this program is 100% online! 
**Last day to register:  9/19/20!**
Lighten up after Lockdown!
100% online, but with the coaching, community, and support to keep you connected!
REAL Nutrition for REAL People!
Lose weight, get back in control, and boost your immunity, energy, and self-confidence!

It's time to get back into a confident mindset and create healthy eating habits in your new SIP routines...and the GetLean Challenge will lead you there!  
"This was the start we needed!"
"We both lost 3 inches in our waist in the 28 days and have gotten much better at watching what we eat, prepping food, and also started working out regularly which we hadn’t been doing before. " - Bridget Evans & Katelyn DiLorenzo
Has the SIP done a number on your eating?
The past 5 months have been some of the most rattling and stressful months that most of us have EVER had to go through.  Upheavals happened lightning fast and we all had to continually adjust to daily new normals.  And all of this stress and routine-busting has taken its toll on many of us!
Can you relate to any of these questions?
  • Do you find yourself emotional eating due to stress?...and can't seem to break that rhythm?
  • Has your routine been completely blown up?...and you haven't figured out how to get healthy eating back into your world?
  • Are there clothes in your closet you are afraid to try on?...because you KNOW it's not going to be good?
  • Does SIP feel like it means "So Incredibly Pudgy" for you?  :)  ...but seriously, does it?
"I LOVE the results and will NOT go back!"
"I was at a low point. For me, 150 lbs. was an all-time high. I was lethargic, low energy, had sleep issues, and developed lower back aches and stiffness. My overall well-being and self-esteem had taken a dive by the end of 2017.
My real journey began with the GLC at the start of Feb. Life truly changed from thereon. I’m now comfortably 118 lbs., plenty of energy, strength I’ve never had in my life and the physical issues have all but disappeared. I can’t say enough about my overall well-being and self-esteem!
 I owe so much to EF. It’s been a perfect fit for me. I LOVE the results and will NOT go back!
" - Loren Neuman
"I've evolved into a whole new person!"
"2013 was a year for the record books for me. My life was filled with stress, so much was not going right, including a tree falling on my house (really!) and my long marriage ending. But I also found Empowered Fitness!
At EF, I could be in control of my effort and results. Soon I was feeling stronger, but I was hoping to slim down and feel even healthier, so I jumped into the GetLean Challenge and made huge positive changes.
Now I feel great, love the camaraderie and pushing my limits, and the larger sense of community, and am so grateful for all that EF has given me. I’ve evolved into a whole new person, and I don’t know how I would have done it without you all!" - Kirsten Hagen
Lighten Up After Lockdown!
Now is not the time to feel bad about gaining extra weight during this pandemic!  Now is the time to take the ACTION to get back on track!
"No person is an island."  You are not alone!  You will be a part of a like-minded group of people building new, healthy habits, and looking and feeling better than you have in a long time!
The GetLean Challenge has always focused on clean, sustainable nutrition without having to go on crazy, restrictive diets. And the program is SPECTACULARLY successful!
You WILL shed that pandemic coat and create sustainable, healthy routine with a newfound confidence in how you look and what you can do!
In this GLC you will:
  • Reset your habits:  Come back to the basics of healthy eating and get it right!
  • Refocus your intention:  Why would you want to be healthy?  Who do you need to be around for a long time to come for?  Revisiting your "Why" behind getting healthy will ensure your commitment to making it happen.
  • Reclaim your body:  Feel your body get leaner and stronger and notice how your clothes all start feeling looser!  
"The GLC was flexible, sustainable, and I could eat the foods I liked!"
"My favorite part of the GLC was the accountability and support from a great group of people who were all rooting for me to succeed. And I really loved that there were recipes that I could use for baking and cooking. They didn’t lack in flavor and were really great." - Amy Artal
Special Offer!! - 2 GLC's for $320
The standard investment for the GetLean Challenge is $279.  And I can assure that price is incredibly low for the invaluable life-long and sustainable benefits that you receive from participating in the program!!

But we are looking to spread the word far and wide about the benefits of getting OFF of sugar and cleaning up your nutrition.  So we have a special offer!

If you or someone you know is not a current Empowered Fitness client, you have the opportunity to have you and a friend to participate in the GLC for a TOTAL of $320 (that's $160 per person...our lowest price!)
Limited Time:  2 GLC's for $320*
*  One of the two participants must NOT be a current Empowered Fitness client.
"I LOVE what I see in the mirror!"
"I signed up for the Get Lean Challenge at Empowered Fitness to get back on track with healthy, conscious eating and to shed a few extra pounds, and what I gained was that and SO MUCH MORE! 

In a short period of time, I safely lost a few pounds, lost more inches than I can count and gained the beautiful muscles I’ve always longed for.  

I have worked my way into a stronger body and a more confident me on the inside and out. I love what I see in the mirror . . . and she loves me back!" - Amy Henry
"I Lost 18lbs!!"
"Doing the GLC and the Best Body Program was a birthday gift to me. I spoke to Diana a few days before the challenge was to start. She was encouraging and supportive in my wanting to make a lifestyle change. So I said, "I'm all in!" with both programs.

Here I am, turning 50, 18lbs lost, and feeling better than I have in years. Thank you Diana & Mike for creating such an amazing community. Thank you to the trainers who are so awesome and supportive.

Thank you to all the GLC participants for your encouragement and advice, and thank you to all the Empowered Fitness community for being there for me and for each other!
I've just started and I'm going to "keep on, keeping on" with Empowered Fitness!"
#fiftyisfabulous" - Michelle Sanchez
This Is YOUR Time!

Join these people, just like you, who had stellar success with the GetLean Challenge :

  • Personalized GetLean binder and instructions
  • TONS of delicious recipes
  • Weekly check-ins and accountability!
  • Strong support from the GLC team and your fellow participants!
  • Private Facebook page

But we don't stop there!  We will also be including these bonuses!

  • We'll shed light on underlying behaviors that sabotage our efforts
  • Vital resources for busy people on-the-go
  • Quick 5-minute meal ideas!
  • Eating-out guide to let you enjoy guilt-free nights at your favorite restaurants!
"The GLC was a game-changer for me!"
"The GLC was a game-changer for me! When I started the program, I realized that just because I’m eating healthy foods, doesn’t mean that I can eat TOO much.   After the GLC, I felt better, slept better, my skin looked better and it has given me great new tools to use and continue towards my goals.

I would definitely encourage others to give it a try! You can do anything for a month and for me it was the way to get the numbers moving down the scale after YEARS of trying all sorts of things that were not sustainable and did not work. GLC works!!!"  - Belle Gorham
"I Lost 20lbs in 28 days!"
""Finally!! I finally lost those 20 extra pounds that I've been carrying around for the last 15 years. And it only took 28 days! And I've easily kept it off. It was simple to follow. It was fun to do it as a group. Quite honestly, it changed my life. If you want to lose weight, this is the most effective program I've ever used. I am so glad I did it!" " - Jim Kelly
"I highly recommend the GLC!"
"TThe GLC itself was completely mapped out and everything you needed was there. It was easy to follow and plan and I was very successful having lost 7 pounds and 3 inches off of my waist. It was pretty cool!   So I highly recommend the GLC and I’m going to continue to follow it and lose more weight and inches.
- Kathy Kuza
Back By Popular Demand...Paleo!
Paleo is back!  Last year we introduced the Paleo diet into the GLC....with some FANTASTIC results!  Not only were the results as-good-or-better than our traditional GLC, but all of the participants learned something new about the Paleo diet and what the hype is all about.  

What Is the Paleo Diet?  A Paleo diet typically includes lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds — foods that in the past could be obtained by hunting and gathering.  

We've added a bunch of recipes that follow the Paleo guidelines and give you detailed information on how YOU can give this way of eating a try, all while still losing weight!

Now Don't Freak Out!  You don't HAVE to follow the Paleo guidelines....our traditional GLC guidelines still apply and you can follow our standard GLC recipes and get the same great results.  It's up to you!
Please Note!  We can only take 10 remote participants so don't wait to register if you want to participate remotely!
GRAND PRIZE:  3 Months of UNLIMITED Live Classes!

(That's $780 worth of training!)

That's right...this program is also a CONTEST!  We will be giving away AWESOME prizes for the challengers who lose the most weight during the program.  That includes a Grand Prize of 3 Months Of Free Unlimited Classes (both in-person and online classes which alone is worth $780)!

GLC Investment:  $279!
2 GLC's for $320!!**
** 1 of the 2 participants must currently NOT be an EF client.
Key Dates

Early Bird Pricing Ends:  9/7
Registration Ends:  9/19
Orientation Night:  9/25
GLC Runs:  9/25 - 10/24

There are a limited number of spaces available in our GetLean Challenge.  So don't delay and reserve your spot today before they are all taken!

P.S.  The GetLean Challenge has been proven to shed pounds and build lean muscle for every client we have worked with (that's over 700 people and counting!).  You will ALSO see those same results!  Don't miss out....register TODAY!!

The GetLean Challenge Starts In...
September 25th, 2020
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