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Diana & Mike Inglis, Owners
More than ever, we need to be strong, fit, and healthy with a robust immune system.  And according to the experts, exercise is a SURE WAY to boost your immune system!

Dr. Tom Frieden, former CDC Director

"Of all of the various proposed measures to increase your resistance to infection, regular physical activity probably has the most scientific evidence to support it."
We offer a safe, fun, and effective way to get stronger, leaner, and better equipped to handle the new stresses that we're all being exposed to every day!
Now is the time to take action!  Let us help you to not only feel better about yourself and your situation, but actually feel great!
It is in times of strife and uncertainty that the best is demanded of us!  That time is NOW and this is YOUR time!  This is when you can choose to be a victim of circumstances or a Champion for yourself, your family, and your community.  Be the Champion you were meant to be!
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Energizing and professional Cardio and Strength building classes live-streamed and easily accessible 5 days/week to help you build your fitness and endurance, boost your immune system, and give you TONS of energy!
A large and growing catalog of different types of classes including high intensity circuits, low impact strength/cardio, full body stretches, restorative yoga classes, and MORE available 24/7!
Exclusive goal setting session with Diana where you will set goals together and establish plans to achieve them.
Bonus sessions created to give you tools and motivation to continue improving your health and fitness.

Relax with all of your workout buddies online playing games, and chatting during our member online "hangouts" (super fun)!
Exclusive members-only Facebook group and our Instagram account for regular motivation, connection, and support!
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A weekly membership in this uncertain time gives you 
Here's What Our Clients Say
Catie C
The classes really get me through many of these crazy days (and keeps me ‘tolerable’ to my hubby and kiddos) 

It’s not just a ‘standard’ service y’all are providing here, this is truly a lifeline of sorts and in such a positive, spirited, smiling, attentive, diligent, and generous way...all the while creating a cohesive and present community in a time when we can’t even be in each other’s presence.

Thank you thank you thank you for caring so much.🙏
Nicole R
Thank you so very much for offering live and recorded zoom lessons, they are awesome!

 You all are a vital part of helping me maintain normalcy in my life right now. 

The workouts are killer, I love how you shout out to us, and how I can do them on the weekends - just finished last Thursday's workout today, Sunday!
Emily R
EF just keeps on coming through!!!

I've been keeping up with the recorded classes. I can't tell you how awesome it is that you are posting the recordings so that we can work out with you on our own time. Honestly it feels like I'm right there with you- and I can even pause it to fit in some quick runs between activities! 

I'm so so so grateful to you and all the work you are putting into this!
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