"We Are SERIOUS About Giving You The Strong, Lean Body You Want And Deserve!
And We're Giving You a $937 Gift To Prove It"
The Problem 

Do you feel that your weight is out of control?  That you are starting to find the most basic tasks of everyday life begin to get a little harder?  Things like picking up your kids, lifting boxes or luggage , and even doing chores around the house have gone from “No problem” to “No WAY!”

Or maybe you aren’t happy with the way you look and feel?  Looking in the mirror is an exercise in pain and frustration.  Your energy is low and you can’t seem to get through the day without resorting to coffee, soda, or energy drinks.

And not only that, but you have tried every diet in the book only to end up finding and packing back on any pounds you might have lost.  And you also may well have wasted money on a gym membership that you never used.

Let me assure you…you are not alone in this struggle.  The elusive goal of achieving your best and healthiest body while living a balanced and fulfilling life is common to millions of people every day, particularly women.

And THAT is what we specialize in!

If you can relate to any of these problems, then we might just have the perfect solution for you…..

…. But let me warn you, you will need to be committed to making change happen for this to work for you!

If you are not fully committed to making a change,
then this program will very likely not be a good fit for you.
The Program

But if you ARE ready for change, we've developed a special program that's unlike anything you've ever tried in the past.  And it's guaranteed to work for you.  We have given over 800 Coastside women and men the gift of a healthier, stronger, more capable body and we'd like YOU to be next!

Our Best Body Kickstart Program is based on Empowered Fitness' science-based approach to fitness and health, which includes:

1)   Fun, efficient workouts that burn the maximum number of calories,
removing ugly fat from your body faster than anything else you can do.

2)   Functional exercises that make your body more durable, flexible, strong, and ready to live life to its fullest.

3)   Nutrition Coaching and Programs to give you an action plan for your eating and turbo-charge your weight loss!

4)   And the magic of coaching and accountability from proven experts with an unmatched track record of success on the Coastside.

Empowered Fitness has been voted the "Best Fitness Studio on the Coast" and is a Bay Area leader in providing permanent, life-changing, body sculpting results through expertly crafted training programs and personalized nutrition coaching.

Unlike traditional gyms, we provide a premium experience, positive motivation, and caring accountability in a friendly and supportive community you'll love.

Warning:  We do not accept everyone who asks to be a part of our program.  You will need to apply to be a part of this special offer.  We will review applicants and select the candidates.

We have built a very special community and not everyone will be a great match of goals, motivation, and commitment.  As I mentioned earlier, you MUST be committed to making change happen!

We are offering the Best Body Kickstart Program to a LIMITED number of people (the FIRST 7 who qualify ONLY) - at a $847 discount!

The Details

The Best Body Kickstart Program includes the following:

1)   3 Months of Unlimited custom-built fitness classes, suitable for almost any age and any fitness level ($795 Value)  AND…
2)   A complimentary Fitness Consultation to give you a clear fitness action plan that's right for you. ($90 Value)

3)   A complimentary Nutrition Consultation to give you a clear nutrition action plan to turbo-charge your weight loss. ($90 Value) 

4)  Before and After Measurements to show you EXACTLY how much incredible progress you've made! ($200 Value)

The total value of this package is $1175....

But for a limited time, we are also going to include some AWESOME bonuses:

1)   The Ultimate Nutrition Guide For Fat Loss ($92 Value)
2)   A Home Workout Plan ($90 Value)
3)   A Complimentary Gift Package including some cool swag! ($60 Value)

That's now an increased Total Value of $1417
But We Are Offering It To YOU for ONLY $480! 
(or 3 payments of $190/month) 
Limited Availability:  Once again, we can only accept the first 7 people who qualify for the program at this time!
The Qualification Requirements

This is an Exclusive program and it will not be right for everyone.  In order to qualify for this program, you must meet the following criteria:

1)    Must be COMMITTED to showing up for classes AT LEAST 2 times per week! 

2)    Must be looking to lose body fat or reshape your body. 

3)    Must be looking to add lean muscle and gain strength 

4)    Must be willing to apply our coaching to both your general fitness and your lifestyle. 

5)    Must have a positive attitude and be ready to take action!

The Application

We would LOVE to be able to help EVERY person who comes to us.  But we know that everyone is in a different place in life.  And while we honor and respect that, we know that some people will just not be successful with us given their situation and/or mindset.

The application process is meant to ensure that only those people who are committed to taking action and investing in their lives are part of the program.

If this describes you, please click the button below and fill out the application 

before all of the spots are taken!

Empowered Fitness, Inc.  2015